Studio Policies

Practice Expectations

Studying music is fun and rewarding, but only if the student invests enough time and energy during home practice so that progress can be made in lessons. Students can get the most out of lessons if they: 

I realize that sometimes students' lives become very hectic and they can't give 100% preparation every single week, but they should make a habit of allotting enough practice time per week to cover all the assigned material. If something truly out of the ordinary comes up, parents should make me aware of it.

Providing your child with this experience will teach him or her not only about music, but about responsibility, preparing for public presentations and performances, and goal-setting - skills that will apply to many other areas of their lives.

Parents should take advantage of sitting in for lessons to learn how to help your child to improve and to find out my expectations. When parents are involved, student achievement is positively impacted.

Lesson Information

Typically the private lesson time is determined by two factors: the age of the student and level of the student’s playing ability. The amount of time appropriate for each student will be decided by the teacher from semester to semester.

Missed Lessons / Makeup Policy

Students are expected to attend lessons each week of the semester. If you need to cancel a lesson for any reason, you may do so through the Student Portal. Lessons cancelled up to one hour before the lesson start time will receive a make-up credit. Lessons cancelled with less than an hour's notice will not receive a make-up credit. You may carry up to three make-up credits. Make-up credits expire after 90 days. Cancelled lessons will not pro-rate the next month's tuition. Your monthly tuition secures your weekly lesson day and time. I am charged rent based on the hours of teaching time that I have booked at PYCO, regardless of whether I teach the lesson or not.

School Holidays

Scheduled lessons will be held regardless of school holidays (such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Columbus Day) or individual districts’ break schedules.

Extreme Weather Conditions

If the student cannot attend the lesson because of extreme weather, the lesson will be taught virtually.

Lessons Cancelled by Teacher

In the event of an emergency or illness, I will provide as much advance notice as possible that lessons will be cancelled (phone calls, texts, and emails). Given that a cancellation by me often affects multiple students, this is the only circumstance in which I may choose to prorate/credit lessons.

Probationary Lessons

In the case of very young beginners, parents and I may be waiting to see if a student is mature enough for lessons. Attention span and willingness to practice are the most common determining factors. The parent may notify me if they decide the student is indeed not ready for the demands of piano study. I, in turn, may also make the call that the student is not ready.  Note: for young children, parental involvement is crucial to success.

Termination of Lessons

Should the student, student’s family, or teacher decide to terminate lessons for any reason, communication is necessary and advance notice is also appreciated. After the planned final lesson occurs, the family will be issued a full refund of all remaining tuition and materials/contest registration fees.

Parent and Student Responsibilities

Parents must:

Students must:

Other Studio Rules / Info 


Tuition is based on an hourly rate.  Effective 11/01/20, the hourly rate is $60.00/hour.

30 minutes lessons = $30.00

45 minute lessons = $45.00

60 minutes lessons = $60.00

Monthly tuition is due by the 5th of the month. 

If tuition remains unpaid after 30 days, a late fee of $10 per hour of instruction received during the previous month will be added to the balance. This fee will cover the rent that I pay to PYCO. For example, if the student had a total of 2 hours of instruction in the previous month, a late fee of $20 will be added to the outstanding balance.

Should a student fail to return any borrowed materials or intentionally destroy any item in the studio, the student will be invoiced for the full replacement value.



All music MUST be memorized for studio recitals. The student must give a satisfactory performance from memory by the date of the last private lesson before the event in order to be included on the program.

Dress Code 

Dress code for recital performers: 

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